A Hyper-Deflationary Token with Reflection Rewards

Intro to 4GX

The 4GX token is a hyper-deflationary token that offers rewards to its holders in reflections. The vision of 4GX is to become one of the world’s leading reflections tokens. Starting on the Binance Smart Chain as a BEP20 token, 4GX has an automatic feature offering 5% of 4GX of all transactions to holders.

About 4GX

The primary goal is to make building wealth effortless for investors. Simply hold 4GX and earn passive income without being a professional trader in the Defi and Centralized crypto space. We are developing an entire environment around a reflection token, adding utility to your investment that is clean and simple to use. We intend to revolutionize the “crypto-verse”, offering features currently not offered anywhere in the entire market. Earn rewards, which equals to passive income, and gain financial freedom safely and securely.

The Tokenomics and Reward System

We have engineered our token with a max supply of 500 billion instead of 1 quadrillion like other refection tokens on the market. Our auto Buy-n-Burn function will reduce the number of tokens on the market creating scarcity and driving the price upwards. We will place a strong economy around the 4GX token that will quickly add value and utility to our token. 4G’s reflection system will reward holders 5% of all transactions in 4GX. 6% will go to the Marketing and Development wallet allowing us to create and promote the ecosystem, adding the utility that most tokens lack in the market.


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